July 11, 2010

Wound kissing: Curiouser and curiouser.

Remember a few posts ago, the pictures of Zachary Quinto as Sylar, sporting a very painful/sensual-looking sword wound on Heroes?  If not, scroll down to them.  I’ll wait.  Remember I had said something along the lines of experiencing a desire to touch, stroke, or caress the wound very gently and lovingly, easing and/or exacerbating his pain?  Well I had been thinking about that – I mean, of course I had; I think about this kind of thing a lot.  But anyway, I was browsing over at Dreamwidth’s Kink Wiki (which is exactly what it sounds like: a kink/fetish wiki developed by and for fannish folks taking part in a multi-fandom challenge called Kink Bingo) when I came across an entry called “Body Alteration/Injury.”  I scrolled down, saw the words “wound kissing” and immediately clicked play.  What I saw was this clip of an episode of Oz, starring featured Crush Object Chris Meloni:

Click here (because wordpress fails at basic tasks such as embedding megavideo without downloading special software – had I known this, I would have considered another blog service, but, live and learn).

After seeing that video, I was so enthralled I actually felt a bit faint.  No, I’m serious.  I imagine my pupils dilated and everything.  I admitted to myself that, in addition to touching, stroking, etc., what I really want to do is that.  That video of a man kissing his lover’s wound excited me.  (Scrolling through the comments on the post, I noticed that I, myself, have been linked from the page.  Hello there!  Welcome!)

Now I know it’s not cool to police one’s own kinks, but as a very hygiene conscious person – the kind who actually washes her hands for twenty seconds after coming in from outside or using the bathroom –  I find it so, so very strange that the idea of touching or pressing my lips to a wound excites me.  (Tellingly, googling “wound kissing” brings up this blog post, that Oz clip, and a lot of HIV prevention information.) Then again, as a hygiene conscious person I am the perfect candidate for such a kink.  For example: I puked so much as a kid that I developed neither an emetophilia, nor the more common emetophobia; vomiting was unpleasant, but simply part of life.  I could definitely see how someone more likely to psychologically link vomiting with humiliation, filth, and all around wrongness, could find the act quite poignant in either an erotic or squick-tastic way.  Similarly, perhaps my hyperawareness of the “dirtiness,” transgressiveness and wrongness of wanting to caress or be near a wound makes it especially poignant for me.  You know, the forbidden fruit is all the more… tangy and metallic-tasting.

I could certainly see enjoying touching and kissing a wound over a bandage, which takes care of the hygiene issue but is still, you know, weird.

July 13 ETA: Just found out this post has been linked at the fandom meta-discussion community Fandom News, whose sister site, Fan History, I’ve linked to in the side bar.  They don’t allow anonymous commenting over there, so I’ll say it here: Hi!  Welcome!  Thanks!


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